Advantages Of Offering A Dental Benefits Plan To Employees Part 2}

Posted on August 30th, 2017

Advantages of Offering a Dental Benefits Plan to Employees – Part 2


Ken Charnly

Important factors while finalizing on a Dental Insurance Plan

An employee has to ask himself the following before he finalizes on a plan:

Would the employees like to retain the freedom of choosing their own dentists?

Will the mode of treatment be determined by the patient and the dentist?

What type of routine and preventive dental care is covered? Does the plan cover braces, oral surgery, crowns and bridges, root canals and treatment of periodontal diseases?

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Will the plan cover all diagnostic, preventive and emergency services? Including preventive services viz. sealants & fluoride treatments, which might result in financial savings to the patient in future? Does it provide for full-mouth x-rays?

What forms of major dental care is covered? Does the plan cover implants, dentures, or treatment for temporomandibular disorders?

Does the plan allow for specialist referrals? If so, has the dentist be limited to the list of specialists to choose form?

Does the plan provide for emergencies? What are the provisions made for emergency care when the patient is on tour?

What percentage of monthly premiums goes into actual care and not to administration?

Dental Insurance benefit coverage should be taken into consideration but should not be the deciding factor in choosing the treatment.

Dental Insurance Plan Models

There are numerous dental plans available. Basically they are of two kinds:

Managed care and Fee-for-service.

Managed care dental plans are restricted forms of dental insurance which aim at reducing costs and payouts. They tend to restrict the coverage by limiting the access to care by restrictions (by predefining dentist, specialist, hospital or treatments in form of lists) and restricting level, type and frequency of treatment (usually in form of clauses in the coverage policy).

Fee-for-service dental plans have a freedom of choice options where one can choose their own dentist and the fee is paid as fixed by the dentist…(Go To Part 3)

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Advantages of Offering a Dental Benefits Plan to Employees – Part 2 }

Rejuvenating The Mind And Body With A Spiritual Retreat

Posted on December 30th, 2016

By Gabriel Adams

Time spent at a spiritual retreat can not only revive a person’s body and mind overall, but can also be a wonderful alternative to a stay at more traditional types of drug and addiction treatment centers.

A spiritual retreat setting offers a more relaxed environment than a conventional drug / alcohol / addiction treatment center as it affords the client powerfully, serene surroundings. This type of atmosphere in itself helps to put the mind at ease and greatly assists in getting one in tune with their own spiritually and well-being whether it be thought processes, physical health or both.

The Experience

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For women especially, a spiritual retreat setting provides calming activities which allow for enhanced and accelerated recovery in many instances. Taking part in group and/or one-on-one activities such as yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions, massage, cooking, writing and artistic expression classes can really provide the necessary elements which will enable the mind and body to reach new levels of spiritual and physical balance as well as in the area of personal growth in general.

Also, by providing the outlet for speaking and interacting within a group of women who are experiencing many of the same circumstances in their own private lives, this environment creates a type of ‘sisterhood’ mindset as well. Clients tend to feel more comfortable and therefore, are better able to reach their goals with the support and bond experienced in this type of setting.

So, if you are considering entering into some type of treatment center for whatever situation had led you into a negative state of mind and/or physical existence, think about choosing a spiritual retreat. It will most likely grant you the opportunity to expand your mind and leave behind those old patterns that have been stopping you from living the kind of peaceful, fulfilling life you deserve.

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Ways To Monitor The Linux Dedicated Servers

Posted on November 22nd, 2016

Submitted by: Andrea Mills

Virtual server is the server which doesn t exist by physical manner. Still it will do all the functions of the real server. The virtual server hosting virtual servers to provide most efficient load balancing by acting like a single IP address for several clients and uses address translation to send the tasks to the real server to handle. Hereafter we will see how we are going to monitor private services and attributes of Linux dedicated servers.

The main attributes and services need to be monitor is CPU load, memory usage, disk usage, logged in users and running processes in the Linux Dedicated Servers. There are available some public services by the Linux dedicated servers they are the HTTP, FTP, SSH etc.

The following ways to monitor the Linux dedicated servers is based on out installation of nagios in our system as a monitoring tool. There are available a lot of ways to monitor the attributes and remote located servers of Linux/ UNIX. One of the main way is by using the SSH key and by the check_by_ssh plug-in to execute on the remote servers. This will be of very useful when we are monitoring hundred of thousands of system which is having a very high load.

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Another important method of the Linux and UNIX remote servers using NRPE add-on. NRPE allow executing the remote plug-in on remote Linux and UNIX servers. This method is useful to manage internal resources like disk usage, memory usage etc on the remote host in the Linux dedicated servers.

The top ten Linux hosting websites are, ipage,, immotion, dream hub, arvixe, host cator, cirtex hosting, go Every provider is having advantages and disadvantages; they allow the companies to host their website using Linux operating system. When it comes to budget based servers. Because small start up companies can t afford to the windows based servers since we have to pay for all the software packages are of only by cost.

All the Linux software packages are free of cost and hence to make a linx operating server is simple when compared to the windows operating system.

The third party tools play an important role in monitoring and maintaining the dedicated servers. The important function of these monitoring tools is to check the safe level of certain parameters. CPU utilization, server RAM, physical temperature of the server is its various components, bandwidth usage and disk space usage. Here are the various third party tools to do this task. These tools can be installed on the web server and may appear as additional components in the c Panel or Plex site administration dashboard of your web server. The graphical design of the website traffic can be seen through the software package called as webalizer. As an IT manager you should know exact state of your server if incase it is a dedicated servers. Virtual Private Server Hosting.

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