Power With Integrated Marketing Communication}

Posted on April 28th, 2017

Power With Integrated Marketing Communication


Juhani Tontti

It also means that the whole campaign is planned at the same time and each promotion has it own role, especially concerning the linking to other mediums of the campaign.

By using different keyphrases in different campaigns, you can multiply your market coverage in the Internet and you will get FREE LOVE from search engines. I prefer to run integrated marketing communication campaigns rather than separate actions. What I learn as an advertising agency executive is, that all actions must fullfill the key numbers criteria as to the coverage and repetition.

A. Why this strategy works so well in internet business? Here are the benefits:

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1. By concentrating into one theme and thinking it from the angles of different mediums makes your kow-how about the theme deeper. On the top of that your readers can get a more ideas of your offer.

2. The power of one Integrated Marketing Communication campaign at a time, makes your target audience to recoqnize your drive and your message gets the repetition needed, in average at least 5 Opportunities To See is needed before the campaign starts to sell.

3. The campaign gets more credibility, when your target group see the same theme from different mediums in slightly different ways and in different times. Actually the campaign looks bigger than it actually is!

B. Case: This Integrated Marketing Campaign, which you are just reading.

1. The strategy of this campaign follows exactly the points listed in section A.

2. The core idea is to give my website visitors a new, powerful strategy for their own website promotion by publishing it as a new page of my website. So I wrote this page as a first action of the campaign.

3. Then I started to promote my new page by writing one article, with the same theme and keyphrases of course, and distributing it by a service provider to over 900 article directories and over 40.000 email addresses all over the Internet. The Author Box had of course a link back to my new page. The advantage: hundreds of links and constant visitors to my page.

4. I also wrote a post to my blog with link back to my page. In my blog I can use a shorter version and more hyperlinks, where from my visitors get more detailed information and can take action right away! The advantage: the same as above.

5. Then I went to quality internet home business forums, like Warrior Forum, and wrote some posts about Integrated Marketing Communications – topic and again installed the link back to my site in sig-file. The advantage: visitors and a raising PR – effect.

6. Then I went to my Autoresponder and wrote a nice email to my subscribers, which I sent by using Send Broadcast service. This action I repeated about 5 times to get the repetition effect needed. Of course all mails included two hyperlinks back to my site.

7. As a last action I submitted the page into Search Engines with an effective software.

With this strategy and using different keyphrases in different campaigns, you will get good results. Search engines will love you!

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Role Of A Search Engine Company For Better Search Engine Ranking

Posted on December 9th, 2015

By Markus Skupeika

definitely brought success in the online business. Getting a good Search Engine Ranking Company is of least importance too.

The utility of different Search Engine Companies is different and unique. The companies will help you to improve search engine rank of your site in major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. A team of experienced SEO professionals can be a great help for improving the rank of the website.

The Search Engine companies have the responsibility of submitting the sites in different directories. The companies have to do the onpage and off page optimization properly. Later they have to prepare articles related to that site and submit them in different directories. SEO professionals have to look into every matter so that they can improve rank and motivate more traffic to a website so that the client can earn the maximum from the site.

Metatag writing is a very important and critical yet easy work from SEO point of view. Metatag writing definitely helps in better search engine ranking. The primary motive of the SEO Company should be to give the maximum profit to the client through their website.

The Search Engine Ranking Company should provide client the best service with updated technology and skills.

Sometimes big claims are made by the Search Engine Ranking Companies. No whether question is how valid the claim is? It can be an advertising gimmick! So it is always better that you should make a research on the company before finalizing any deal.

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The research should be based on the following points:

— Have a look into the claims of the SEO Company.

— Please judge the relevant keywords for the site and how competitive they are in search engine point of few.

— Whether the SEO company is applying any short cut route for temporary benefits

— How much time they take to make your site come to the top

— Whether they will work regularly on your project or not.

It is always tough to make the research if you want to outsource the work. So it is always better to start SEO with local SEO companies. For example if your website is Ft Lauderdale based then you should always try to get the Ft Lauderdale SEO companies.

This is not only help you to make a research on the company but also keep a vigilance on the work done for your project.

Now after making a research on the company with the above said points if you find their answer to be not satisfying then company is a fake one.

To be honest the top ranks can’t be achieved in short time. The ranking with a competitive keywords is slow, steady and a natural one.

The companies should not follow any short cuts. The short cuts can give you temporary good ranks but ultimately it can be very dangerous. Your site can get banned by different search engines.

So we can see that in these competitive internet world it is not easy to achieve top ranking. It always requires hard work.

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